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Singer / Songwriter
1950's song: Diana

July 30, 1941

Paul Anka

Ottawa, ON.

1960's Record:Puppy Love

Early Bio:

Paul Anka started entertaining at an early age. By high school age he was interested in songwriting. On a summer vacation in Los Angeles, he takes some of his songs to a record company. The record company records and sells several thousand copies of one of his songs. In 1957 he wins a trip to New York. While in New York, through the advice of friends, he visits Don Costa at Paramount Records. Costa is impressed by such a young man with songwriting and singing talents, and signs Anka up on the Paramount Record Label.

Paul Anka Songs / Records (1950's / 1960's) Early Hits:

1957:Diana(#2); I Love You Baby(1957,#97); 1958:You Are My Destiny (#7) ; Crazy Love(#19); Let The Bells Keep Ringing (#30); Midnight(1958,#69); Just Young(#80); 1959:All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings(#15); I Miss You So(#33); Lonely Boy(by Anka,#1)Put Your Head On My Shoulder(#2); 1960:It's Time To Cry(#4); Puppy Love(#2); Adam and Eve(#90); Something Happened(#41); My Home Town(#8); ALBUM:Paul Anka Sings His Big 15(#4); Hello Young Lovers(#23); I Love You In The Same Old Way(#40); Summer's Gone(#11); ALBUM: Live Anka At The Copa(#23);1961: The Story Of My Love(#16); Tonight My Love Tonight(#13); Dance On Little Girl(#10); Kissin' On The Phone(#35); Cinderella(#70); ALBUM: Paul Anka Sings His Big 15, Vol.2(#72); 1962:Love Me Warm And Tender(#12); ALBUM: Young, Alvie And In Love(#61); A Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine(#13); I'm Coming Home(#94); Every Night Without You (#46); ALBUM: Let's Sit This One Out(#137); Eso Beso(That Kiss,#19); 1963Love Makes The World Go Round(#26); Remember Diana(#39); Hello Jim(#97); ALBUM: Paul Anka's Golden Hits(#65)

**The song Diana is first inspired by the family's 18 year old baby sitter and later by Annette Funicello.

**In 1957 Paul Anka appears on American Bandstand, he sings his song Diana.

**In 1962 Paul Anka writes the theme for, and also is one of the stars in the movie The Longest Day.

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