Richard Chamberlain
Vince Edwards

Our favorite tv doctors -the early sixties( 1961 thru 1966 )

Dr. Ben Casey played by Vince Edwards.
The TV show "Ben Casey" is ABC's answer to Dr Kildare.
The show is one of the most popular of ABC's shows.
All ages watch Ben Casey and admire his "go-get-'em" attitude, This doctor is a fighter who gets things done .  It's no wonder that the show is such a success.  People like the Ben Casey character and Vince Edward's dark featured looks.

Dr. Kildare played by Richard Chamberlain.
The TV show "Dr Kildare" is one of the most popular tv shows on NBC. This is due the popularity of of it's handsome star Chamberlain.  Richard Chamberlain  is a regular on the  cover of so many teen magazines. Teenage girls* love his good looks and watch his show faithfully.  However, kids and grownups alike watch  the show and keep it in the top twenty NBC shows.

*PS. Teen girls are calling radio stations. They want to hear that dreamy song sung by  Richard Chamberlain-- "All I have to do is dream"!!!



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