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Claudette Colbert (1903-1996)

Biography / Bio:

Born in Paris France. Birthname: Lily Claudette Chauchoin. Moved to New York and acted on stage at age of 16.

By 1934 she is one of the most successful actresses of Hollywoood movies. She is Best known for the movie It Happened One Night (1934) in which she co stars with Clark Gable. Both stars and the movie win top honors at the Academy Awards - Best Movie, Best Actor, Best Actress.

Claudette Colbert Movies / Movie list:

Movies: For the Love of Mike (1928); The Hole in the Wall (1929); The Lady Lies (1929); The Big Pond (1930); Young Man of Manhattan (1930); Manslaughter (1930); Honour Among Lovers (1931); The Smiling Lieutenant (1931); Secrets of a Secretary; His Woman (1931); The Wiser Sex (1932); Misleading Lady (1932); The Man From Yesterday (1932); The Phantom President (1932); The Sign of the Cross (1932); Tonight Is Ours (1933); I Cover the Waterfront (1933); Three-Cornered Moon (1933); The Torch Singer (1933); Four Frightened People (1934); It Happened One Night (1934); Cleopatra (1934); Imitation of Life (1934); The Gilded Lily (1935); Private Worlds (1935); She Married Her Boss (1935); The Bride Comes Home (1935); Under Two Flags (1936); Maid of Salem (1937); I Met Him In Paris (1937); Tovarich (1937); Bluebeard's Eighth Wife (1938); Zaza (1939); Midnight (1939); It's a Wonderful World (1939); Drums Along the Mohawk (1939); Boom Town (1940); Arise My Love (1940); Skylark (1941); Remember the Day (1941); The Palm Beach Story (1942); So Proudly We Hail (1943); No Time For Love (1943); Since You Went Away (1944); Practicaly Yours (1945); Guest Wife (1945); Tomorrow Is Forever (1946); Without Reservations (1946); The Secret Heart (1946); The Egg and I (1947); Sleep My Love (1948); Family Honeymoon (1949); Bride For Sale (1949); Three Came Home (1950); The Secret Fury (1950); Thunder On the Hill (1951); Let's Make It Legal (1951); The Planter's Wife (1952); Love and the Frenchwoman (1954); Si Versailles M'etait Conte (1955); Texas Lady (1955); Parrish (1960).

Television Movie:

The Two Mrs Grenvilles (1986).

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6 Movies(Three-Cornered Moon / Maid of Salem / I Met Him in Paris / Bluebeard's Eighth Wife / No Time for Love / The Egg and I)

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