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1950's fashion for the prom

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WHAT TO WEAR TO THE PROM 1950's fashion royalty in their retro prom dresses.
barbara 1955 fashion, retro prom dress
1955 fashion
The long evening gown
American Graffiti -
a time-capsule of re-created memories.

High school girls and boys in the 1950's were often times nervous about the occasion of the prom, for some their first date. The boys might be concerned that if they asked a girl to the prom that she might turn them down, but upon acceptance the boy could pretty much relax. However the girl's planning just began, she and her mom had to shop to find her one perfect prom dress. Here are those found, perfect prom dresses, 1950's fashion style.
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wanda and eva in retro prom dresses, 1950s clothing 1955 fashion for the prom: ribbons added, color pink
Football Princess and Attendant.

cora 1952 clothing for the prom
1952 fashion: Queen Eliz influence
Football Queen with flowered tiara.

esther and lela 1952 fashions for prom
1952 fashion
Football Princess and Attendant

ruby,janet, 1954 fashions 1954 fashion: beautiful synthetic fabrics and pearl necklace
Football Queen and Attendant

  Bettie Page fashion   Retro Costume fashions from the Fabulous Fifties at!  

  "early 1960s and 1950s fashion at the high school prom "

sharon, vernon, retro prom dress
1961 fashion: off-white prom dress
Yearbook Queen and King

diane, rachel, linda, retro fashion
1962 fashion: Tiara and gloves
Attendant, Queen, Princess

judy,carolyn,sandy, retro prom dresses
1962 fashion: gloves, color red
Attendant, Queen, Princess

bambi,donna,maryann, 1961 fashion 1961 fashion: red bubble dress
Football Queen, Princess & Attendant

Just one more dance with you!
frank and marlene at the prom, 1958

Bobby Vee talks about young love
jerry crowns queen linda, 1961

prom dresses, royalty and dates, 1962 fashion "after the prom...many of the teens pictured cruised the real 10th street (Modesto, CA) of the movie American Graffiti"

Costume: prom queen, 1950s fashion
50's Costume
Prom Dress Adult Prom Queen

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Costume: prom king, 1950s clothing
1950's Costume
Prom King Adult

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