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Dear Editor:

I just want to tell you that your magazine is the best I have ever read or at least looked at.  I like to look at those gorgeous, gorgeous pictures you have.  It's so wonderful to have all those pictures without writing to those studios.  I want you to know that I have decided to start a scrapbook.  Only I have a hard time deciding which side of the picture I want to show, so I finally got the idea just to paste the top down.  Then I can peek under when I want to see something different.
But anyway, just want to tell you I dig the mag and am looking forward to the next issue.
Linda P., Muncie, Indiana


Likes the pics the best.

Straight to a new dance craze?


Dear Editor:

I  would like to be a movie star very much.  Maybe I'll consider rock and roll singing.  I even have a new idea for a new dance to replace the twist.  I'm sick of the twist.  This is called the "straightline" which consists of keeping your body straight and jumping up and down.  I am writing to you so that if you like this idea, you can tell it to one of the record companies and they can record it.
Ginny K., Boisie, Iowa


Dear Editor:
"What d'ya mean Cynthia Pepper plays the piano by ear?  Doesn't she have hands?"  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.  That's what my stupid brother says.  He's crazy.  But he loves your magazine also and did he eat up the information on the girl movie stars!  I'll tell you what else the brat did--he took out the picture of Linda Scott, and it was on the back of the fabulous pinup of James Darren, and he won't give it back.  Besides that, we are both flippy about Teen Pin-Ups.  Are the other issues going to be as great?  We love it the way it is. Gotta go now, homework to do!
Sue N.,   Queens, New York

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James Darren
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