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Below you will see some era photos of 1950's men's clothing worn by Hollywood actors - 1950s Movie Stars and Fifties Teen Idols wearing formal and casual clothing.
Men's fashion in 1950's Hollywood movies is a stereotype of the everyday man, which is businessman husband. The 1950's costume for these roles: the husband in a dark and drab business suit and hat, lots of fabric in pant legs. Popular materials are cotton, silk, and wools. Wool Suits and Jackets of tweeds and patterns are the norm. The gray flannel suit is popular and worn by Hollywood men such as Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, and Rock Hudson. After work the businessman husband relaxes in looser clothing, loose pants, and shirt without tie.
For work and meetings the Hollywood actor wears his business suit. At social occasions we see Hollywood Men still in a suit, formal dress suit. During the 1950's man made fibers are introduced, - nylon, rayon, and blends. The styles stay similar but the cloth material is lighter in weight, also color begins to be used in the fabrics. In the 1950's men go from vests to cardigan sweaters. These colors, fabric and vest additions happen as the 1950's progress.
In 1950's Hollywood movies, the young crowd wears clothing similar to their parents. But we also see less formal clothes - from a loose jacket to a fitted sports jacket; to flannel pants and a nice comfortable sweater. In the later 1950's the jacket gets longer, less structure to the shoulder and the pant legs narrower. In the movies "The Wild One" (1954) and "Rebel Without a Cause" (1955), jeans and t-shirt is the dress wear for teen boys who want to make a statement.

The photos on this page, along with style, will show you fashion colors and patterns that are worn in the 1950s. Also below are examples of 1950s hair, accessories, and shoes, shown in the following photos of Hollywood movie actors. Pictures are from the saved era scrapbook of this 1950s teen.

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 © work product - rock hudson fashion photo
The Gray Flannel Suit & Cuff links
Rock Hudson in this versatile suit can go from Business, to Party or Dinner Date - white shirt and cuff links a must for men's wardrobe.

 © work product - steve cochran in 1950's  suit
Wool Suit
Steve Cochran wears a more casual Business Suit. This suit also shows the tame color and typical cut which you see in many work day suits of the 1950s.

 © work product - liberace wearing tux photo
The 1950's Tuxedo
Liberace wears the ultimate in formal wear.
 © work product - gordan mcrae, 1950's sports coat
Polo Shirt w Sports Jacket
Gordan McRae (above) wears jacket of wool material - ready for that casual daytime date.

 © work product - lex barker in patterned jacket
Patterned Sports Jacket
Lex Barker (above) in a popular patterned Sports Jacket. This more colorful jacket would be worn after work hours.

 © work product - frank sinatra in wool suit

Wool Jacket with Hanky

Frank Sinatra wearing Jacket with hanky in pocket, and an open neck white shirt - young, casual yet sophisticated look.
 © work product - at leisure clothing photo
Cardigan Sweater
Leisure wear: sweater, polo shirt and wool flannel pants, worn by Robert Wagner. This fashion combo is also popular with other young stars.

rock hudson in patterned shirt
1950's Shirt
Rock Hudson wears a patterned shirt. Other popular shirt patterns of the 1950's are stripes, checks, plaids, pastels, embroidered, and Hawaiian inspired. dale robertson in tropical shirt
Tropical Shirt
worn by Dale Robertson

More Men's Clothing
Suits & Hats

   © work product - picture of 1950's jeans
1950s Jeans
Ricardo Montalban wears jeans. Levi's and Wrangler jeans are worn by some men at very leisure occasions, such as boating.

 © work product - rock hudson 1950's shirt
Rolled up Shirt Sleeve - Loafer Shoes
The long rolled up sleeve shows off the biceps, a very popular style shown by Rock Hudson. For casual occasions the young crowd likes the Loafer, a slip on leather shoe.

Everyday Fashions of the Fifties
as pictured in Sears Catalog

Fashions of a Decade, 1950's


  elvis 1950's photo
>The Later 1950's
Jacket longer, less structure to the shoulder and the pant legs narrower.

Teen Idol Fashions
Visit Boomers Pinups The Fifties Teen Idols
At the above website there are lots of photos of Teen Idols in era clothing, and hairstyles (1958-1962), including Troy Donahue, Bobby Rydell, Pat Boone, and sweater boy Frankie Avalon.
Sal Mineo
Tab Hunter
Jeff Chandler
Pat Boone
Ricky Nelson
Sports Jacket

Sports Coat
1950's Patterned Shirt w sleeves cuffed up White Buck Shoes
Checked Shirt
Stripe Shirt
Corduroy Jacket
Robert Taylor
John Derek
Tab Hunter

Fishing Wear
1950's Swimsuit
1959 Corduroy Jacket

Robert Wagoner
Edd Byrnes wearing

1950s Tennis Wear
Sports Jacket
1950's Dress Suit Jacket
Sports Jacket & Pants
Patterned Jacket

  maynard g kreps, beatnik
Beatnik wear
Maynard G. Krebs (TV show: The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis) wears rumbled khakis and sweat top

1950's style shirts.
Against: middle class values.
For: Art, Literature, and Jazz.
Preferred Dress: Khakis or jeans and black turtle neck, often times not pressed.

Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando
24 in. x 32 in.
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Framed   Mounted
Movie Poster The Wild One
The Wild One helps set the trend in mid 1950s with Jeans, White T-Shirt, Black Leather Jacket, slicked back hair - stylish wear for motorcycle rides.

Elvis Werthiemer Elvis on Bike
Elvis on Bike
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1950's Hollywood Movies
Some movies that show the clothing styles of the Fifties era:
Dream Wife
Three Coins In The Fountain
Rebel Without a Cause
Blackboard Jungle

Sometimes you can catch the above movies on Cable TV.
At TVguide you can search to see if a movie is scheduled to play.


1950s Women's Clothing

1940s Dress style

Check back for more 1950's MEN'S clothing photos!

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Fashion pictures of movie stars saved from Baby Boomer Carolyn's 1950's teen scrapbook.

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