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Below you will see some era photos of 1950s womens dress fashions worn by Hollywood actresses - wearing formal and casual 1950s dresswear. Popular materials are cotton, silk, and wools. Man made materials of nylon, rayons, and blends are introduced in the 1950's. For shopping and meetings the hollywood actress wears a printed dress on white background with fitted bodice and full skirt; for Hollywood social occasions she dresses formal. Girls casual dress wear is typically the pencil skirt or the full skirt, sweater set and peter pan collar. Her leisure dresswear could be a man's shirt with jeans rolled up (dungarees), capris or pedal pushers. Hollywood swimsuits are mostly one piece, strapless or halter and made of the new stretch fabric. The photos on this page, along with style, will show you dresswear colors and patterns that are worn in the 1950s. Also below are examples of 1950s hair, accessories, shoes, and makeup shown in the following photos of Hollywood movie actresses. Photos are from the saved era scrapbook of this 1950s teen.

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 © boomers pinups work product - cyd charisse photo
Cyd Charisse (left) wears dress with pencil-shaped skirt, coat lined in matching material - ready for that formal date.

 © boomers pinups work product - janet leigh, dress with petticoats
Dress with petticoats by Amelia Gray
Neither Janet Leigh nor her pet pooch Houdina will forget that last day of work on the M_G_M lot.
 © boomers pinups work product - virginia mayo in halter dress photo
The Halter dress
worn by Virginia Mayo. Also made popular by Marilyn Monroe. This dress also shows the typical cut of fitted bodice and full skirt which you see in many dresses of the 1950s.
 © boomers pinups work product - betty grable in 1950s print dress photo
Printed dress on white background.
Betty Grable wears this cotton gingham, strapless dress a popular neckline - adds jewelry for evening.

   © boomers pinups work product - photo of june allyson wearing pastel dress
June Allyson wearing pastel print dress White background dresses with pastel or bold prints (see Piper Laurie with cute tomato bold print below) - floral and fruit prints are favorites.
 © boomers pinups work product - terri moore 1950s cotton dress
Cotton Dress with cuffed sleeve
Typical type of dress for casual dress occasions - church, luncheons, and meetings such as PTA and the Garden clubs. Terry Moore wears matching gloves and purse, also hat with netting.

Everyday Fashions of the Fifties
as pictured in Sears Catalog

Fashions of a Decade, 1950's

More 1950s Photos Dress Hair Makeup  

   © boomers pinups work product "Cute Tomata" Pants
Piper Laurie wears these bold print pants with sexy side zipper(notice bold print on white background); ripe red jacket and with Cutex "Cute Tomata" nail polish.
 © boomers pinups work product Matching dress and coat
Rhonda Flemming wears Pond's "Ever-So-Red" lipstick to co-ordinate. This coat is a familiar style for the 1950's. Also notice the cinch belt.
Marilyn Monroe
Anne Baxter
Doris Day
Annette Funicello
Esther Williams

Nylon Negligee
Nylon sleep set
Thin wool sweater
neck scarf

ballet flats

1950s Swimsuit
1950s Swimsuit
Debbie Reynolds wearing
1950s Pencil skirt
Evening gown
Formal Prom Dress
1950's dress suit
Pedal Pushers
Cuffed blouse

Fitted-Bodice dress
1950s swimsuit

1940s Dress style
The Poodle Palace Store
Complete poodle outfits or a la carte, retro purse, poodle earrings, saddle shoes, Poodle Accessories.
 © boomers pinups work product - audrey hepburn in pedal pushers Pedal Pushers
Audrey Hepburn helps set the trend in mid 1950s with tight fitting pedal pushers and short hair style, stylish dress for a motor scooter ride.
 © boomers pinups work product - picture skirt & sweater Susan Cabot travels in style wearing a circle skirt, thin wool sweater, cinch black belt, and of course leather gloves.  

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