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The 1950's stereotype and style.
1.  The cashmere sweater.
2.   Poodle skirt.
3.  Rolled up t-shirt sleeve (black or white t-shirt good).
4.  Pedal pushers (gold is good). 
5.  Black leather jacket--the collar must be turned up to be "hep."
6.  The scarf.
7.  1950's gym wear.


Can you dig it?

3. black t-shirt

  1. cashmere sweater 1

7. gymwear 7

Accessory: Books -
handy for your
strong guy to carry.

2. athletic sweater, poodle skirt 2
4. pedal pushers

The athletic sweater for your girl to borrow and keep her warm.


4.  Pedal pushers

5 5. leather jacket

  1950's poodle skirts & costumes   1950s retro shirts

6. scarf style

STYLE : Girls wear
                  portable collars.
Rolled up jeans all.

Ponytails for girls are cool;
guys "train" their hair into greased back ducktails.

hair styles

"Brylcreem", "a little dab a do ya'"

A must for guys
in the 50's?
     ...a  comb

  shoe styles SHOES
Flats, Converse
bobbysocks, buck shoes
Bobbysocks, saddle shoes

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