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Sandra Dee is the leading "teen" actress of this time period. She is in the movies and teens go to see her pictures. Pinup photos of Sandra are in the magazines and teens buy up the magazines. Her name is in movie magazine headlines--bios and stories are written about her. Words like "good" and "nice" are associated with Sandra Dee. She is the good, "girl-next-door" that boys want to date. Girls want to be like Sandra Dee. In the late 1950's and early 1960's, she is both the #1 teen actress in the movies, and in the movie magazines. Ahead is a Sandra Dee early bio, movies and pictures restored from this 1950s teen's saved scrapbooks.

Best Early Movie: "A Summer Place"

April 23, 1944

Sandra Dee passed away Feb 20, 2005

Alexandra Zuck

Bayonne, New Jersey

Comment (1962): "It's so hard to believe I'm grown up; I still love stuffed animals and talking for hours on the phone."

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Sandra Dee Early Bio:

Sandra Dee first worked as a model and then in television commercials. She started acting at the age of 14. She made 5 movies in 1959! One of the movies,"Imitation of life" is a classic movie. Her most famous movies are "A Summer Place" and "Gidget". These two movies place her as a teen idol.

Marriage: Bobby Darin (1960-1967) Son: Dodd

Early Movies / Films:

Movies: Until They Sail(1957); The Reluctant Debutant (1958); The Restless Years (1958); Stranger in My Arms (1959); ****Gidget (1959); ****Imitation of Life (1959); The Wild and the Innocent (1959); ****A Summer Place (1959); Portrait in black (1960); Romanoff and Juliet (1961); Tammy Tell Me True (1961); ****Come September (1961); If a Man Answers (1962); Tammy and the Doctor (1963); Take Her , She's Mine (1963); I'd Rather Be Rich (1964); That Funny Feeling (1965); A Man Could Get Killed (1966); Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding (1967); Rosie! (1967) .

**** Top 4 Sandra Dee movies

Note:   "A Summer Place" becomes a favorite movie to both adults and teens. The movie story is taken from the book of the same name--"A Summer Place" by Sloan Wilson. The story begins and ends at a summer place, an island. It spans many years and follows the love/conflict relationship between two sets of characters, a teen set (Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue) and their parents (Richard Egan and Dorothy McGuire). It explores the pressure that social mores place upon a teen couple and their parents, when they break those rules. The book is steamy and the romance is tamed down for the movie---but the movie does have steamy moments. Audiences are wowed by the acting and the epic story.

1962 Movie:   "If a Man Answers" co-stars Bobby Darin as the husband who Sandra Dee's character attempts to train.

Music: Calendar Girl

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Imitation of Life

Movie: A Summer Place

Movie: Come September
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