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Rock Hudson, a 1950's classic movie star, is described as a young Rhett Butler. His acting roles touch several generations of movie goers, starting in his first movie Fighter Squadron (1949). Rock Hudson's movie roles range from Westerns, teary Dramas to Comedies. His best known movie is Pillow Talk (1959), with Doris Day as his leading lady, one of the best all time comedies. This role in Pillow Talk adds a new comedic dimension in his acting, and boosts him into the most popular leading man and the top man of movie box office - 1960, 1961, and 1962. Rock Hudson goes on to act in other movie comedies with success. The biography below of Rock Hudson includes an early bio and a list of Rock Hudson movies. Also ahead are Rock Hudson pictures from this 1950ís teens scrapbooks - original pictures saved for 55 plus years. Some of the pictures are very early. These pictures of Rock Hudson were put into scrapbooks during the 1950's. These pictures have been restored to viewable condition. You can click on a picture to see a larger image of this handsome leading man of 1950's and 60's movies.

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Best Movie:
Pillow Talk
1971-1977 TV:
McMillan and Wife

Roy Scherer


Rock Hudson quote:
"Sailing lets me forget my problems"

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Rock Hudson biography / bio:

In 1931 at six years old - a very sensitive six - Roy is deeply hurt when his parents separate. The years between 7 and 10 are tough, hard years for Roy. Roy's mother works as a waitress, and whatever other work she can find. Roy takes a paper route and works afterschool carrying packages at the neighborhood grocery store. Roy's mother loses her job, and Roy and mother move in with Roy's grandmother. Roy joins the Navy and says he enjoys crisscrossing the Pacific, enjoying the spectacular sunsets and the nights he sleeps on deck with the stars up above. When he gets out of the Navy, he goes out West with his mother. He takes a job as mailman - besides delivering mail he also collects coffee and doughnuts. He gets a job driving a truck - sharing quarters in a small hotel with three other truckers. He gets noticed because of his good looks and is placed in his first movie, Fighter Squadron, although non-credited. His named is changed to Roc Hudson and then to Rock Hudson.

Rock Hudson movies / films:

Movies: Fighter Squadron (1948); Double Crossbones (1948); Undertow (1949); I Was a Shoplifter (1950); One Way Street (1950); Winchester 73 (1950); Peggy (1950); The Desert Hawk (1950); Shakedown (1950); The Fat Man (1950); Air Cadet (1951); Tomahawk (1951); Iron Man (1951); Bright Victory (1951); Bend of the River (1952); Here Come The Nelsons (1952); Scarlet Angel (1952); Has Anybody Seen My Gal (1952); Horizons West (1952); The Lawless Breed (1952); Gun Fury (1953); Seminole (1953); Sea Devils (1953); The Golden Blade (1953); Back to God's Country (1953); Taza Son of Cochise (1953); Magnifient Obsession (1954); Bengal Brigade (1954); Captain Lightfoot (1955); One Desire (1955); All That Heaven Allows (1955); Never Say Goodbye (1956); Giant (1956); Battle Hymn (1956); Written on the Wind (1956); Four Girls in Town (1956); Something of Value (1957); The Tarnished Angels (1957); A Farewll to Arms (1957); Twilight for the Gods (1958); This Earth is Mine (1959); Pillow Talk (1959); The Last Sunset (1961); Come September (1961); Lover Come Back (1961); The Spiral Road (1962); A Gathering of Eagles (1963); Marilyn(Narrator 1963); Man's Favorite Sport? (1964); Send Me No Flowers (1964); Strange Bedfellows (1964); A Very Special Favor (1965); Blindfold (1966); Seconds (1966); Tobruk (1967); Ice Station Zebra (1968); A Fine Pair (1969); The Undefeated (1969); Darling Lili (1969).
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Note:   Giant and Come September are other best Rock Hudson movies.

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