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Boomers Pinups pictures are restored work products saved from my teen scrapbooks from the 1950s and early 60s. These pics had to be removed from my scrapbooks safely, and the holes, scratches, folds marks and deteriorations of pictures restored. This takes a lot of work and time, with many more to restore. This and other pictures of Boomers Pinups have been through restorations to return them to viewable conditions-these are restored work products. These pictures are personal. Many of my pictures are signed by me when I was a 1950's teenybopper, I would sign the picture as if I were that particular movie star. Some of my pictures I leave the old bulletin board pin marks just for old time sake, the pin marks from me moving the picture around over and over again on my 1950's teen bulletin board. There is a personal story in and on all my pictures. Growing up a 1950's teen

As a 1950's teeny bopper, I spent lots of time pasting these movie star pictures into my scrapbooks. As the years went by I held onto these, others discarded their teen scrapbooks. I've held on to these for 50 plus years. I have many other pictures to share on my website: Marilyn Monroe, Rock Hudson, classic stars, fifties teen idols, yet to take out of my scrapbooks and yet to restore them. Many of my saved 1950's scrapbook pictures have not been seen and are not currently on the net.

This year is the first year that I discovered my materials duplicated all over the web. In many cases entire web pages scraped and posted. Most infringements are small to medium and from people who did not go to my site to see the restrictions posted - uploaded from the postings by Google images. Most people, at my request, do the right thing and remove my text and pictures -
only occasionally is violation filing required. Also now all my pictures will have text across them in case they end up in Google images. A lot of time and work goes into creating web page content - my efforts, web pages and time mean a lot to me.
Tracking down infringements and copyright violations means I have less time to restore pictures and create new content.

Again, most people have been pretty good about removing the pictures.
If you come across any Boomers Pinups pictures or my textual content posted out there on the net I would appreciate a write back.

Carolyn Passalaqua
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