Growing up a 1950's teen

Fifties Teen Idols

"Wowsville, daddy-o, cool daddy, good time, voodoosville, big daddy, wow, dig, crazy, hep, string me, allie oop, like way out man, coffee pad, beatnic, bug me, hep cat, square, squaresville, man, kookie, swingin' , itsy bitsy, crazy pop!" --These are words and phrases written on a faded red binder, by the teenage me.  The contents of the binder inspired me in the 1950's … and in the present.  My photo and magazine collection of the fifties teen idols is inside.

Back In The Fifties:
A plain 5x5' bulletin board on a dresser; 45's; and a little boxy record player are props and background for a favorite activity --arranging and displaying photos of the teen idols.

I remember running to my Mom to "Come see!" I wanted her to see my bulletin board with photos of Troy Donahue, Fabian, Kookie, arranged daily, weekly.  My Mom's reaction -- a nod, a smile, a short comment….what a thrill!

My Mother picked me up from school on Tuesdays, her day off.  Mom owned and ran J&M Grocery (a country store on my father's farm).  Before picking up supplies for the store, Mom would take me to Woolsworth or Kresses.  We would sit at the counter or in a booth..  It was "my choice" --a coke, an ice-cream, or even once, a "Purple People Eater." Mom and I are "food and talk" kind of people.  On the way out I got a quarter and sometimes 50 cents to buy my choice.  This choice would be a movie magazine or a 45 record.  The magazine had to have one of the top three idols in it; and the record usually had to be sung by Ricky Nelson, Paul Anka , or Bobby Rydell.

People throw things out from time to time.  Me too, except for holding onto
my movie magazine collections.  I figured out the reason why I kept these--- My Mom, The Fifties; and….. "The Thrill of It All"!

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