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Sandra Dee passed away Sunday morning, Feb. 20, 2005, of complications from kidney disease. Dee died at 5:57 a.m. at the Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, California. The Associated press reports she had been hospitalized nearly two weeks, had been on dialysis for about four years.

In Memory

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Your smile will always brighten my life.
- James
I'm so sad for Dodd Darin that he has lost his mother today after losing his father at such a young age. My sympathy to you, Dodd, and to your family. When I was a teenager, three years younger than your mother, I thought your mother was one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen and tried to copy her hairstyle, makeup and mannerisms. I even told people my middle name was "Dee", though it wasn't, just because I admired her so much. May you find comfort in the sad days ahead as you try to adjust to a world without your mother. Having lost my mother in 2000 I know your world will be forever different and not nearly as good without her. I hope you find comfort in the love of family and friends and hopefully, in God's peace and comfort.
Sandra Dee’s passing is so sad as it is the end of a era that seems was only yesterday when we where so young and full of life. She portrayed the very best of us during a time of innocents which has long since faded away. She will be missed. We thank her for all happy times she gave us.
Very sad to hear about Sandra Dee's passing. I have memories of being a 13 yr. old who loved to buy movie magazines and cut out all her photos, plus read all about her. I enjoyed watching her Gidget movies, Tammy movie, but my favorite all time is Summer Place. She was my role model.
-M. Freund
Sandra Dee charmed people from all over the world. Manila, Philippines was no exception. She was our teenage idol. My teen years will never be complete without Sandra. She will live in our hearts forever as Valentino did for his generation.
-Joey Buenaventura from Manila, Philippines and Fukuoka, Japan
I just wanted to send my deepest sympathy to Dodd. I am only 32, but grew up watching Sandra's movies as a child. I wanted to be just like her. My eyes are filled with tears as I write this note. There are a few people that I always dreamed of meeting and Sandra was one of them. I would have loved to spend just a few moments with her. Her personality was electric, and she will always be in my heart. I thank God for sharing her with us as long as he did. Much love to you Sandra. You will be missed dearly.
-Kathy Richards
Sandra Dee was the ideal girl of every teenage girl in America....I enjoyed all her movies when I was a pre-teen and older...she was just so adorable and it is sad to know she is friends always kid me and called me Sandra Dee....thanks for the movies and memories and the innocent days of youth Sandra Dee....
-a fan Sandy Pyper
My deepest sympathy to you Dodd on the loss of your Mom she was part of my growing up and the sweetest and most beautiful girl I feel a part of my past has past also, your Dad was my favorite performer also! I just lost my Dad a year ago and it is a deep loss, God rest their souls and God Bless and watch over you they will be forever in your heart, I always feel my Dad with me. Terri from Bethpage
I have just learned of Sandra Dee's death. I grew up in the 50's and I was always so envious of her and her beauty. I so wanted to be just like her. I am saddened by her death. Now so many of them are gone. I hope she has peace.
Sandra was truly my first love at first sight! A SUMMER PLACE will always remain in my thoughts. First saw that movie as a young lad of 17 in the US Army and it made a huge impact on me. While dated by todays standards, the innocence of the movie was quite accurate in protraying the social morals of the 50's. My sincere condolences to the Dee family. She will be sorely missed!
I remember the Summer of '59 when I was 15 and "A Summers Place" was playing at the movies. Sandra Dee made that movie as she did so many others. A great actress who carried each role she played. I'm not going to think of the short time leading to her death but of all the years before that. Thanks for the memories Ms. Dee!
I'm so sad to hear about the passing of Sandra Dee. I have wonderful memories of the care-free "Gidget"-the first time I saw her on film. Didn't we young teenage girls of the 60's want to be her? I hope she has found peace. Sandra will always be an angel in heaven.
Truely one of a kind, every guys dreamgirl of the 50 and model every girls looks of that time,may you rest in Bobbys arms once more
The world is a better place because of you Sandy. You made us smile. Thank you Lord for a beautiful human being. God bless the family. Prayers to you Sandy. Love always,
My deepest sincerest sympathies to Dodd and favorite films of Sandra, well all of them accept "Imitation of Life" and "A Summer Place" both hold a special place in my heart...My prayers and thoughts...Goodnight sweet Angel...Thanks for the films and thanks for the memories....
My heart, affection & prayers go out to Dodd Darin & his family. Sandra Dee was a talented & truly "One of a Kind" graceful feminine role model that we won't see again. I wanted to be just like her. She graced the silver screen & all of us with her beautiful presence. She was enormously talented & gifted & always was a class act. I love her as a sister & friend. May her soul rest in peace with our Heavenly Father. I know Bobby was in heaven waiting for her & they are now peacefully together again. Sandra left us all a vision of innocence & beauty we can escape to. I will remember her always in my heart & will miss her always. From a true, loyal & devoted fan.
-Clare Daleiden
I hope Dodd Darin and his family find comfort in knowing that finally his Mom has joined the one person that she loved like her son, Bobby Darin. I believe in God's love and know that He will keep you close--one day all of you will be reunited. That message is what we all have to hold onto! Much love,
I was shocked to hear of sandra Dees passing !!! She was my favorite when i was young and have always watched her movies till this day It has been funny not to hear of her death here till i searched the web :(no News on TV) today people seem not to remenber the good times as much with so little time anymore Always will be in our hearts
Rod Ridley
Sandra Dee was and still is my idol. I spent numerous hours watching her movies and reading Screen Play articles about her. I cut out all her pictures and put them in a scrapbook. I do not think that she was accurately depicted in "Beyond the Sea" --she was much sweeter and prettier than the portrayal by Bosworth. But then, who could measure up? For me, Sandra Dee will always live in my heart. She is the most beautiful person I ever saw.
Dear Mr. Dodd Darin and Family,
I was so very sorry to hear about the passing of your mother, Sandra Dee. Your mother was a role model and with her passing went the age of innocence. Your parents will always be missed and loved not only in your hearts but in the hearts of those who also loved them as well. May our Lord be with you to guide you and yours until the time comes when you all will unite once again with our Heavenly Father.
Sincerely, Barbara Hollinger
I was extremely fortunate to meet my screen idol. We were walking out of the theatre and while passing Brentano's book store in Beverly Hills, I saw Sandra and Dodd signing autographs. I took three steps back into the book store and there she was at the table. Dodd looks the exact image of his dad, Bobby Darin. I didn't have the book for her to sign so I went ahead and bought a copy. Others ran into the video store to get copies of gidget and other films of her. We took photos and got my book signed. I was elated and my day was made! I love you Sandra, until I see you again, I remain
Sincerely yours, Gilbert Loera Mission Hills, California
I didn't realize that she had passed away. I can't believe she's gone. She was part of my growing up. She was the prettiest brown-eyed blond ever. I love you Sandra.
This past weekend, Sandra Dee's Biography was aired on the Biography channel which I had never seen before. It has me remembering and rethinking about this marvelous actress and woman. I never was able to express my sympathies to Dodd or anyone in her family until now, over 4 years later. I never even met her and I cried the day she died, when I saw her Biography and now again as I'm writing. I'm silly I know, but I've been able to meet so many of my favorite actors and other celebrities in recent years, I'm so sorry I couldn't have met Sandra! I just loved her and always believed she possessed a beauty that few in the world ever have. I always felt such compassion for her with all the personal struggles she endured! She's at peace now! God Bless Sandra Dee! What we have lost, Heaven has gained! I wish I could get in touch with Dodd for the 5th anniversary of her death in Feb.
Bill Neislar

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