Roy Rogers
Dale Evans

The singing cowboy and his singing cowgirl. They stand for good-ness doing what is right.

roy rogers & dale evans

Roy Rogers the "King of Cowboys". Hero and good role model. Boys and girls watch TV to see Roy hop on his horse "Trigger" to rescue those who need help.

"Happy Trails"

"The Roy Rogers Show" starring Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Pat Brady and his jeep Nelly Belle,  Trigger (Roy's horse), Buttermilk (Dale's horse) and Bullet the dog. 
The TV show series: 1951-1957

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Happy Trails: A Pictorial Celebration of the Life and Times of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
Choice Picks - CDs
If you want to hear Roy Rogers w the Sons of the Pioneers, then this is the album. These are those songs we watched him sing on TV.

A lovely cd, very sweet. Roy sings Candy Kisses, Happy Anniversary, Send Me The Pillow You Dream On, Tennesee waltz...

The songs are vintage King of the Cowboys and Queen of the West! Easy CD to appreciate the beauty of their voices, swaying and toe tapping songs.

It just homey to hear Christmas songs sung by Roy and Dale. Worth the album to have Roy's version of Jingle Bells, yodeling.

Roy and Dale Xmas - MP3 download

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Cowboy boots (child).... Cowboy Boots (adult size)...

Roy Rogers Dale Evans Gifts.
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans specialty gift items seem to have a high turn over rate, and trying to keep the merchandise up to date is challenging. If a gift below is out of stock then try clicking on the item below and type in similar search terms for that merchandise at amazon.

44 Western Stars Trading Cards
Including Roy Rogers, Dale Evans

Roy Rogers Collectible Phone Card

Roy Rogers Dale Evans Button Pin



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King of the Cowboys Choice Picks DVDs Videos

A&E Biography
An excellent full story of the poor boy from Cincinnati who became "The King of the Cowboys"

Roy Rogers, Volume 1:
A great trio of films - Roll On Texas Moon/King of the Cowboys/The Days of Jesse James (1939)

My Pal Trigger
It is a touching story of Trigger and the beginning of Trigger's and Roy's relationship.

20 Movie Pack

Roy Rogers in 20 Full Length Features!
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Roy Rogers w Dale Evans
TV Show

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