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Frankie Avalon

Francis Avallone
Sept. 18, 1939
Town of birth:

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Teen idol, Frankie Avalon  

1950's and 1960's: Frankie Avalon enjoys fabulous teen years.  He turns out hot records. 

His biggest hit song is "Venus" which hits #1 on the charts. His first movies are "Guns of the Timberland" and "The Alamo".   In the sixties he stars with Annette Funicello in successful, teenage  "beach" movies.

Early Bio:

Frankie Avalon is a young prodigy with the trumpet. In his preteen years he is a celeb on a local TV station, "TV TEEN Club." He becomes a member of the group Rocco & The Saints - Bobby Rydell is another member of the group.

Frankie Avalon is spotted by a Chancellor Records Scouting artist, and is signed to a contract. His first record, Cupid. Frankie Avalon's first charted success is with the song Dede Dinah which hits #7.

Frankie Avalon Songs / Records (1950's / 1960's) Early Hits:

1957:Cupid; 1958:Dede Dinah (#7) ; You Excite Me(#49); Ginger Bread (#9); What Little Girl(79); I'll Wait For You(#15); 1959:Venus(#1); Bobby Sox To Stockings(#8); A Boy Without A Girl(#10)Two Fools(#54);Just Ask Your Heart(#7); 1960:Why(#1); ALBUM: Swinging On A Rainbow(#9); Swinging On A Rainbow(#39); Don't Throw Away All Those Teardrops(#22); Where Are You(#32); Tuxedo Junction(#82); Don't Let Love Pass Me By(#85); Togetherness(#26); The Puppet Song(#56); 1961: A Perfect Love(#47); All Of Everything(#70); Who Else But You(#82); True, True Love(#90); ALBUM: A Whole Lot Of Frankie(#59); 1962:You Are Mine(#26); A Miracle(#75); 1976: Venus (remake - disco #46).

**1959: Venus tops the charts for five weeks, it's Frankie Avalon's first million dollar single.

**1960: Why hits #1, Frankie Avalon's second millon dollar song.

Frankie Avalon Early Movies:

Guns Of The Timberland (1959); The Alamo (1960); Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (1961); Sail A Crooked Ship (1961); Panic In Year Zero! (1962); The Castilian (1962); Operation Bikini (1963); Drums of Africa (1963); Beach Party (1963); Muscle Beach Party (1964); Bikini Beach (1964); Pajama Party (1964); Beach Blanket Bingo (1965); I'll Take Sweden (1965); Ski Party (1965); How To Stuff A Wild Bikini (1965); Seargant Dead Head (1965); Dr Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine (1965); Fireball 500 (1966): Thunder Alley (1967).

**Favorite Frankie Avalon beach movie: Beach Party (1963).

** Note: In 1978, 1987 Frankie Avalon stars in two very successful movies, Grease and Back To The Beach.

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