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The Adventures of Superman starring George Reeves.
A favorite TV show of both boys and girls, no fighting over programs when Superman plays.

1950's Superman has a clever disguise. After he takes off his Superman suit, he puts on a pair of horn-rimmed glasses and no one recognizes him, except us.

A fun show: George Reeves sets the tone of the show with his subtle facial reactions. Superman flys for us in almost all the episodes, and what fun for us to watch.

Every kid has their own cape, some are store bought and some are made from old sheets, or old blankets. Both boys and girls want to be Superman....and as soon as their cape is safety-pinned around the neck, imagination soars.

It's Superman!

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Adventures of Superman
TV Adventure
Cast members: 
Superman "Clark Kent"------George Reeves
Lois Lane------Phyllis Coates (1951)
Lois Lane ------ Noel Neill (1953-1957)
Jimmy Olsen------Jack Larson
Perry White------John Hamilton

lois lane and superman
Lois Lane laughs with Superman

5 DVDs - 26 Episodes

Adventures of Superman - The Complete First Season
  20 DVDs - 6 Seasons

Adventures of Superman - The Complete First Six Seasons (20pc)

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