Connie Francis pictures, photos from this 1950s 1960s teen's saved scrapbooks - restored pictures.
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 © boomers pinups work product - connie francis picture
 © boomers pinups work product - connie francis pic

Top Teen Singer

 © boomers pinups work product - connie francis picture

(These Connie Francis pictures are the restored work products of © Boomers Pinups - not for use on other web pages.)

 © boomers pinups work product - connie francis picture
Teen Pin-Ups' Sweetest Smile
The teen magazines feature stories and photos of Connie with her Italian family. Teens see the joy of family ties, and good Italian songs.
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 © boomers pinups work product - connie francis picture  © boomers pinups work product - connie francis photo
Connie Francis is in demand for Photos, Records, & Movies.
 © boomers pinups work product - connie francis picture

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Restored work products by Boomers Pinups - NOT FOR USE ON OTHER WEB PAGES
Pictures of Connie Francis are from Carolyn's saved 1950s teeny bopper scrapbooks.

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