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Tony Curtis is a 1950's movie star that holds in top place among the stars of that era. He does this through not only good looks but also talent. He stars along with Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe in the top number 1 all time movie Some Like It Hot. Tony Curtis is best known for his comedic and sophisticated roles in such movies as Some Like It Hot and Operation Petticoat. Ahead you will see a link to Tony Curtis movies, bio, and some early Tony Curtis pictures saved from this 1950s teen's scrapbooks.

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Tony Curtis passed away Wednesday night, September 29th 2010, at his Las Vegas-area home of cardiac arrest at 85.Actor Tony Curtis combined good looks, brash confidence and a streetwise rough edge into one mesmerizing package - USA Today

Best Movie:
Some Like It Hot (1959)

Birth name:
Bernard Schwartz

The Bronx

Date of Birth:
June 3, 1925

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Tony Curtis (1925-2010)

Tony Curtis biography / bio:

Bernard grows up poor and has little formal education, but learns from the school of hard knocks. Bernard joins the Navy hoping to be on a submarine and ended up aboard a tender in the Pacific. Bernard uses the GI Bill to get into the Dramatic Workshop. In 1948 Tony Curtis arrives in Hollywood as a 75 dollar a week studio contract player. Tony Curtis is his Hollywood name, taken from the novel Anthony Adverse and Kurtz, a family name.
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Marriages(6) most famous: Janet Leigh (1951-62 daughters: Kelly and Jamie Lee).

Tony Curtis movies / films / early movies:

Movies: Criss Cross (1949); City Across the River (1949); The Lady Gambles (1949); Johnny Stool Pigeon (1949); Francis (1949); Sierra (1950); Kansas Raiders (1950); Winchester '73 (1950); The Prince Who Was a Thief (1951); Flesh and Fury (1952); No Room for the Groom (1952); Son of Ali Baba (1952); Houdini (1953); The All American (1953); Forbidden (1953); Beachhead (1954); The Black Shield of Falworth (1954); Johnny Dark (1954); So This Is Paris (1954); The Purple Mask (1955); Six Bridges to Cross (1955); The Square Jungle (1955); The Rawhide Years(1956); Trapeze(1956); Mister Cory (1957); The Midnight Story (1957); Sweet Smell of Success (1957); The Vikings (1958); Kings Go Forth (1958); The Defiant Ones (1958); The Perfect Furlough (1958); Some Like It Hot (1959); Operation Petticoat (1959); Pepe (1960); Who Was That Lady? (1960); The Rat Race (1960); Spartacus (1960); The Great Impostor (1960); The Outsider (1961); Forty Pounds of Trouble (1962); Taras Bulba (1962); The List of Adrian Messenger (1963); Captain Newman, M.D. (1963); Wild and wonderful (1964) Goodbye Charlie (1964); Sex and the Single Girl (1964); Paris When It Sizzles (uncredited, 1964); The Great Race (1965).
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Note:   Spartacus and The Great Race are other best Tony Curtis movies.

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Operation Petticoat

The Great Race
A lot of fun! A fast moving, entertaining movie.

Some Like It Hot (Collector's Edition)
A classic Number 1 all time best!
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