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1950s information, Fifties History, 50s movies, Classic Movie Stars, 1950's Teen Idols, Retro Fashion, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Pop Culture.
It warms the heart to remember back to those really good old days of the Fifties, a time in history when things were much simpler and so nice. This site displays pictures and materials from this 1950s teens saved era scrapbooks, Bio on the Fifties Teen Idols, Movie Star Biographies, and 1950's songs and classic movies. These pictures were moved around on this teen girl's bulletin board in the 1950's, so pics are well worn. Some of the pictures are signed personally by this 1950's teen, as if she were that star.

welcome to boomers pinups from Carolyn a 1950s teen and baby boomer
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1950's History   Fifties Fashion, 1950's Clothing   Top 100 Classic Movies
More links to 1950's info and subjects at Boomers Pinups listed below. Hope you enjoy.
- Carolyn ( this 1950s teen)
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The Fifties Teen Idols   fifties teen idols - boomers pinups pat boone picture

The Top Fifties Teen Idols such as Troy Donahue, Frankie Avalon, Pat Boone, Fabian Forte, Ricky Nelson, Bobby Rydell, Kookie Edd Byrnes, baby boomer carolyn says the coolest pics from my teen scrapbooks, yes some signed by teeny bopper me other top teen idols of the era and the Top 3 Fifties Teen Idol Dreamboats. These are the most popular boy teen idols of teenagers in the 1950's and 1960's.

1950's Movie Stars & Singers   1950s movie stars at boomers pinups elizabeth taylor picture Music: Moonglow

The classic Movie Stars and Singers such as: Marilyn Monroe Movies and Bio, Elizabeth Taylor, Doris Day, Rita Hayworth, Debbie Reynolds, Esther Williams, Rock Hudson, Tab Hunter, Connie Francis, Annette Funicello, Sandra Dee and James Darren. This section includes biographies, classic movies and pictures.

boomers fifties teen idol magazine   Boomers Fifties Teen Idol Magazine

Do you remember those old fifties teen idol magazines we would buy at the five and dime? Well relive the good feelings of the Era and those exciting classic pictures and stories about our favorite Fifties Teen Idols. Experience 1950's history of pop culture, read magazine articles about Roy Rogers, 1950s SUPERMAN, Doctor Kildare, Elvis Presley, 1950's fashion advice, dating advice, fifties beauty and makeup advice. Enjoy reading as you listen to Era music!

boomers pinups top 100 classic movies miracle on 34th st   Top 100 Classic Movies

Here you will find Boomers Pinups Top 100 list of those classic movies Baby Boomers enjoyed in the Fifties, the best old movies revisited and ranked. In the late 50's some of our teen idol stars appeared in these classic movies. The top Movie Star actress on this best classic movies list is Marilyn Monroe with 4 top movies - one Marilyn Monroe movie in the top 10 and two Marilyn Monroe movies in the top 20. These top 100 classic movies we especially enjoyed on the big screen, but also viewed them on our first TV of the 1950s. These movie classics are part of what was great about growing up in the 1950's.

1950s TV Shows   1950s tv shows at boomers pinups

As Kids we couldn't wait to sit in front of our first 50's TV set and see our 50's, 1960's TV shows: Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob, The Adventures of SUPERMAN, Lassie, Kukla Fran and Ollie, American Bandstand, The Mickey Mouse Club, Roy Rogers... Here is a list of celebrities that performed on TV, 1950's children's TV shows, and information on those classic TV Shows that we loved. It was great to have the good guys win!

Fifties Yearbook Photos   1950's yearbook photos carolyn, jerry, tom, & friends from the town of american graffitiTown of American Graffiti

The Sixties and Fifties were a time of teenagers cruising in their old cars. Here are 1950s photos of the real teens that cruise 10th street of Modesto, California - the home town of George Lucus and the movie of American Graffiti. Here are 1950s teen pictures, friends of Carolyn and her brothers Tom and Jerry, in the top 1950's fashion looks, and 1950's hair styles. See photos of the circle skirt ( poodle skirt), 1950's shoe styles of teen girls and boys, pictures of 1950's drive ins, soda fountains, hang outs, 1950s cars of teens, the pencil skirt, and more cool fashion styles.

1950's Fashions, Clothing and Grease   grease, 1950's fashions, clothing at boomers pinups

The movie Grease really captured the time of the 1950s and Sixties. Here are photos of teenagers from that movie showing the 1950's fashion look. Also here are links to buy the top look in fifties fashions and costumes, fashions to buy such as poodle skirts, fifties bowling shirts, saddle shoes, and clothing gift items of the 1950's and 1960's era.

1950s History   1950s history at boomers pinups soda fountain

Here are answers to many questions that people have written to ask about the pop history of all thingscarolyn says, 1950s history according to 1950's teeny-bopper me 1950's and 1960's. This 1950's teen, now a retired teacher, remembers back and comments on many subjects from the era - viewing the Fifties through the eyes of a teenager of the time. Some of the 1950s history and information are on the topics of 1950's TV heros, Superman, toys, top fads, 1950's movie star fashions, teen fashions, history of the poodle skirt, pastimes, shoe styles, the 1950's woman, the fifties man, teen rebellion, the fifties teenager, Elvis and his influence on clothing styles and fifties history, and more information on subjects of pop history culture.

1950s Women's Dress Fashions

The Hollywood actresses of the 1950s and 1960s dressed up more, and viewing pictures of these 1950's movie stars in the dress style of the classic, 1950s and early sixties fashion era has a different feel or look. Here are pictures of classic movie star actresses, singers and girl fifties teen idols.

1950's Men's Fashions

The movie star actors of the 1950s era are pictured. Some of the top classic movie stars and fifties teen idols such as Frankie Avalon, Rock Hudson, Jeff Chandler, Robert Wagner, Ricky Nelson and Tab Hunter are pictured in formal and casual fashion wear of the 1950's and the 1960s. The 1950's actors are very beautiful men captured in these pictures saved from this classic movie stars era.

Boomers Pinups of Elvis   1950's elvis at boomers pinupsbaby boomer carolyn says the best elvis pics from my teen scrapbooks, yes some signed by teeny bopper me

This is the Fifties Teen Idol Elvis Presley, from the time period of about 1955- 1963. Elvis Presley is the star that symbolized the excitement of the Fifties for the teenager. Here are Elvis Presley pinup pictures, Elvis and pop history, 1950s Elvis Presley, including Elvis and Rock and Roll, Early Bio, Elvis and Graceland, Elvis Presley and the 1950s teenager, parents, Elvis Presley Movies, Elvis Presley and his songs, Elvis and the Army. You are there, through the eyes of this 1950s teen.

Retro Gifts - 1950's   BowlingShirt.com - Fun, Fads, & Fashions from the Fabulous 50ís   Retro Costumes & Poodle Skirts from the Fabulous Fifties   retro style shirts

Here are links for 1950's costumes, fifties fashions and gifts to buy such as poodle skirts, bowling shirts, posters, pictures, Marilyn Monroe Merchandise, Elvis Presley Merchandise and other fifties retro gifts - also Fifties Costumes, Marilyn Monroe costumes and Elvis Presley costumes.

Fifties E cards - Free 50's e-cards

Send a 1950s themed free ecard. You can choose a picture of a classic movie star, singer, or TV celeb from the 1950s / 1960s. Some of the pictures to choose from for a fifties e card are Elvis Presley, Howdy Doody, Kookie Edd Byrnes, Marilyn Monroe, Ricky Nelson, 1950's Superman and more.

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