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1950's FASHIONS:

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1959 PARTY FASHIONS: Tuesday Weld tried alot of different styles. Now she realizes her best style is "casual".

Here she wears a party favortie: a black cashmere sweater with white wool skirt. ("It's right for almost any kind of date.")

Other Tuesday Weld combinations for fashion: velvet top with chiffon skirt.

Her fashion don'ts: shock colors(I used to mix a white dress with red belt, black shoes") and too-full skirts ("Make you hippy").

Bright and unpredictable...like going shoeless (see picture).

She has whipped up the biggest storm in Hollywood since Marilyn Monroe.

She's a teenager and likes to go out--but takes a dim view of marriage for several years yet. "I'm a career girl," says the blonde, hazel-eyed TuTu.

Her name is Tuesday Weld--and she was just 16 on August 27, 1959.

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Tuesday Weld pictures from Baby Boomer Carolyn's 1950's saved teen scrapbooks.

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