American Graffiti, Modesto California

American Graffiti Parade - 2011

The Cruise - Parade of Classic Cars

George Lucas
Modesto's American Graffiti Parade - 2013

Where were you in '62? George Lucas was living in Modesto. George Lucas comes back to his hometown of Modesto, Ca to lead the American Graffiti Parade in the cruise of classic cars. The crowd is the biggest ever remembered - showing up to honor their cool Modesto Celeb. You can hear the crowd excited to see him, waving, whistling and Clapping - yelling out affectionate words such as Wow, Yeah, We Love You George!

American Graffiti Parade of Classic Cars - 2013
George Lucas leads the parade

The American Graffiti Car Parade was a special event because George Lucas was our Grand Marshall. He lead the parade of classic cars. There were many more cars this year and most would agree it was because of the Modesto Connection with George Lucas. George Lucas attended school here and used his local experience for his movie American Graffiti. Because of the large amount of classic cars and crowd this year, it took longer to cruise. The cruise lasted later into the evening - you can see the light fade as this video progresses. Half of this video is filmed from within my brother Tom's 1937 Classic Plymouth car. It was fun viewing the cars and hot rods. And I hope this video shows how much fun it is to cruise in a classic car, and in The Modesto California American Graffiti Parade of Cars. It was an honor for Modesto to have George Lucas return, bringing back memories of an era when cruising and when cruising in Modesto was the American pastime.

American Graffiti Car Parade - 2012
This classic car cruise is in Modesto, California, the hometown of George Lucus. This is the town, and the cruise, that was written about in his movie American Graffitti. These video clips (spliced together) were taken from inside my brother Tom's 1937 Plymouth as we (Tom, Carolyn, Jerry) are cruising along in the parade. The film is as if you are sitting with us viewing the cars and spectators while cruising. The video clips were taken by my husband sitting in the back seat. And last two shots of the car exterior by my friend Betty
This cruise in the Modesto American Graffiti parade brought back memories to us who experienced those good times of cruisin here in the 1950s and 1960s.

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