Top 20 song list of the 50's and 60's, best loved by teen   1950s songs - best loved teen songs - top 20 list

There were a lot of good songs for teens playing on the radio, and American Bandstand. The list here are of 20 songs that were loved enough by this teeny bopper to buy the 45 record. Below is a top 20 list of songs that this 1950s teeny bopper bought with allowance money at the weekly trip to Woolsworth Kresses. These are songs that were loved and most played. The songs listed in this top 20 list can be found at and at itunes - easy links to Top 20 MP3 songs are underlined. You can click on a song title that is underlined to purchase the MP3 at Amazon. There is an iTunes search box down the left column of this web page where you can also find these favorite songs - choose album or song. Both Amazon and iTunes let you listen to parts of the songs.

Top 20 song list - best loved 1950s 1960s teeny bopper songs:

Heartbreak Hotel (1956 #1)

Jailhouse Rock (1957 #1)

All Shook Up (1957 #1)

Be Bop Baby (1957 #5)

April Love (1957 #1)

Love Letters In The Sand (1957 #2)

Poor Little Fool (1958 #1)

All I Have To Do Is Dream (1958 #1, 1962 #14)

Lonely Boy (1959 #1)

Put Your Head On My Shoulder (1959 #2)

Bobby Sox To Stockings (1959 #70)

I'm A Man (1959 #31)

Sway(1960 #14)

Ding-A-Ling(1960 #18)

Wild One (1960 #2)

My Home Town (1960 #8)

Puppy Love (1960 #2)

I Love You In The Same Old Way (1960 #40)

Swingin' School(1960 #5)

Travelin' Man (1961 #1)

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