Fabian Forte Biography

Fabiano Bonaparte
Feb. 6, 1943
Town: Philadelphia

During the years 1959-1961: Fabian  is one of the hottest properties in show business.

Teens rush to buy his records...he is in great demand for TV shows.   

His early movies include "Five Weeks in a Balloon" and "The Longest Day"...the story of D Day.  Movie directors praise his natural acting ability.

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Records/ music:  1959:  I'm a man(#31); Turn me loose(#9); Tiger(#3); Come on and get me(#29); Got the feeling(#54); Houndog man(#9); This Friendly World(#12);  1960:  String along(#31); About this thing called love(#39); Kissin and twistin(#91)

Albums: 1959:  Hold That Tiger!(#5); Fabulous Fabian(#3);

Earliest Movies:  1959: Hound Dog Man;  1960: High Time; North To Alaska
Other teen movies:  Love In A Goldfish Bowl; Ride The Wild Surf; Dr. Goldfoot And The Girl Bombs.

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