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TV / Movie Star / Singer
TV Show: Dr. Kildare (1961-1966)
Best Early Movie: Joy in the Morning (1965)

March 31, 1934

George Richard Chamberlain

Beverly Hills, California

Record: All I Have To Do Is Dream

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Early Bio, Biography:

  Richard Chamberlain attends Pomona College and developes an interest in acting. He serves in the military for 16 months. After his military service he lands several acting parts in TV shows. He then gets the lead in a new TV series titled Dr. Kildare. Teen girls are crazy about this handsome TV star who plays Dr Kildare. Richard Chamberlain records the song All I Have To Do Is Dream and becomes a Teen Idol.

Early TV / Early Movies / Early Records:

Some Early TV appearances: Alfred Hitchock Presents (1959), Rescue 8 (1960), Bourbon Street Beat (1960), Gunsmoke (1960).
Early Richard Chamberlain Movies: The Secret Of The Purple Reef (1960), A Thunder OF Drums (1962), Twilight Of Honor (1963), Joy In The Morning (1965),Petulia (1968).
Early Richard Chamberlain Songs: Love Me Tender, All I Have To Do Is Dream, Hi Lili, Hi Lo, I Will Love You, True Love.

Richard Chamberlain Awards ( Including Photoplay Awards): Awards

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