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Dating Advice:  Use poetry to express yourself.

The emotions of love, sadness, hope and youth, expressed in these Ricky Nelson lyrics, were simple, lovely, and straightforward --1950's teen poetry.

Some people call me a teenage  idol, some say they envy me, I guess they don't know how lonesome I can be.

Ricky Nelson song lyrics:  "Teenage idol"
Some people call me a "Teenage Idol, some people say they envy me. I guess they've got no way of knowing how lonesome I can be.  I need somebody to be my baby, someone to tell my troubles to , I've got no time to ever find her, cause I'm just passing through.   I travel around from town to lonely town… I guess I'll always be just a rollin' stone. If I find fortune and fame and lots of people know my name, that won't mean a thing if I'm all alone.   I get no rest when I'm feelin weary, I've gotta pack my bags and go. I've gotta be somewhere tomorrow, to smile and do my show…...I guess they got no way of knowing how lonesome I can be.

Ricky Nelson song lyrics:  "Young Emotions"
Young emotions, are mixed emotions.  For it's a world where love and confusion reigns; a world of hope and laughter and tears and pain; at times a gentle breeze and a hurricane -- A world full of doubt but love works it out.  Young emotions, are strange emotions.  For though we're brave sometimes we are so afraid; but knowing there are memories to be made,  we'll face each new tomorrow dear undismayed--for our love will keep us together; and our love will help us to weather,  these young emotions.
Ricky Nelson song lyrics:  "Never be anyone else but you."
There will never be anyone else but you,  for me, never ever be, just couldn't be, anyone else but you.  If I could take my pick of all, the girls I've ever known, then I'd come and pick you out, to be my very own.  A heart that's true, and longs for you, Is all I have to give.  All my love belongs to you, as long as I may live.

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