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May 8th, 1940
Teaneck, NJ.

Ricky's birthname:
Eric Hillard Nelson.

Parents: Ozzie and Harriet Nelson.
Brother: David Nelson

TV:  The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
(1952-1966 ABC-TV Series)

Big Movies:  Rio Bravo(1959); The Wackiest Ship in the Army (1960)

Note: On his 21st birthday, he
changes his performing name from Ricky to Rick.

Ozzie and Harriet TV Show
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US Early music/ records, favorites:  1957: A teenagers romance(#8); I'm walkin(#17); You're my one and only love;  Honey bop(#14); Be-Bop Baby(#5); Have I told you lately(#29);    1958: Stood up(#5); Waiting in school(#18); Believe what you say(#8);  My bucket's got a hole in it(#18); Poor Little Fool(#1);  [Unchained melody];  Lonesome Town(#7); I got a feeling(#10);  1959: Never be anyone else but you(#6); It's late(#9); Sweeter than You(top ten); Just a little too much(#9); ); I wanna be loved(#20); Mighty good(#38); 1960:  Young Emotions(#12); Right by my side(#59); I'm not afraid(#27); Yes sir that's my baby(#34); You are the only one(#25); Milk cow blues(#79); Travelin man(#1); Hello Mary Lou(#9); A wonder like you(#11); Everlovin(#16);  1962:  Young world(#5); Summertime(#89);  Teenage idol(#5);  1963: It's up to you(#6); You don't love me anymore(#47); I got a woman(#49); That's all(348); I'm in love again(#67); String along(#25); For your sweet love(#20); Fools rush in(#12)

Albums: 1958: Ricky; 1959(tops the charts): Ricky Sings Again(#14); Songs by Ricky(#22; More Songs By Ricky(#18);  1961:
Rick is 21(#8);  1962:  Seven By Rick(#27);  1963: Best Seller By Rick(#112);

Notes:  So many of Ricky's songs were great, making it very difficult to pick favorites.  Also the above are Ricky's early records, but it must be mentioned that in 1972 he had a  big #6 hit, Garden Party.

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