Snapshots of Annette Funicello.

    Fun with Funicello

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    Annette Funicello as The Mouseketeer  
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Annette and her look-a-like mother at New York's Harwyn Club
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Annette Funicello and her best friend, Shelley Fabares, spend an afternoon listening to new tapes made on the sets of "Babes in Toyland",  the flick in which Annette has a lead role.
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Annette's dad gives Annette a hand polishing her white Thunderbird.  It is her most prized possession and was a graduation gift from her parents.
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Annette and Tommy Kirk wave goodbye to fans when leaving the U.S.
Boomers Pinups of Annette Bio, Movies, Songs & Pictures of ANNETTE from a 1950's teen bulletin board The Beach Party Gang

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    Tommy helps Annette onto her horse.
  ("See you real soon...WHY?..because we like You!")
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Pictures from Carolyns saved 1950 teen scrapbooks

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