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           My Dream Girl

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Frankie Avalon:  I love my Dreamgirl
  Frankie Avalon sniffed his steaming cup of coffee, and sighed, "I like nice smells!"
       "Of course you do," I said.  "Everybody likes
nice smells.  But we're sitting here for a purpose.  You're supposed to tell me who's your dream girl."
      "Don't hurry me...Don't rush me...I'm coming to that," Frankie smiled.  "A
nice smell reminds me of girls.  I like a girl to smell nice!"
      "Ah," I murmured.
the nicest-smelling girls I've ever met are Annette Funicello and Louise O'Brien.  I wish I knew the perfume They used!  They smelled so yummy!  So…"
      "Ah," I sighed,
sniffing the flowers on the table.  There upon, Frankie's buddies, Sonny Troy, his guitarist, and Tom  Marco, one of  his road managers, sniffed at the flowers too.  Everybody felt very scenty.
scent me,"  kidded Joyce Weston, his blonde publicist.
      We were having coffee and relaxing in the Casino on the Park overlooking scenic Central Park in midtown New York.  Not too long before, Frankie had spent four lonely months in Texas
on location for the movie, "The Alamo."
      "I had only a couple of dates all the time we were in Texas," Frankie said sadly.  "Gee….I sure was lonely!"
      "How about your dream girl?"  I said, trying to get him back to the subject.
"After those four months,"  he smiled,  "any girl's my dream girl!"...

"The smell of coffee."

"You scent me."

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