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The Girls I Go for
by Ricky Nelson

(as told to Hollywood teen-ager magazine, 1960)

Ask him about girls and dates, and Ricky Nelson heaves a heavy sigh.
All I have to say, Ricky declares wearily, is that the only way to learn about girls is to date.

Me, I don't intend to get married until I'm twenty-five. That was the age my mother and dad were when they got married, and it sure turned out well for them.
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Just what does Ricky Nelson look for? He has very definite ideas. I suppose it's not really important, but I like girls of average height, say about 5'5". Mainly because I like a girl who can keep up in all the sports I enjoy, like tennis and riding.

I think the most important thing for a girl-and boys too, for that matter--is to be natural. There's nothing that bugs me more than girls who put on an act, who are affected in the way they talk, dress or in their manner.

I shy away from a girl who is too over-bearing and agressive, too, Ricky says. "They're too much for me. But on the other hand, I like it is the girl is a little bit agressive. I used to be terribly shy, and to some extent, I still am. So I don't mind in the least if a girl calls me, instead of waiting for me to call her. In fact, I'm kind of relieved.

I like girls who are sensitive about people's feelings too, says Ricky. An insensitive girl hurt me very badly once. It was a couple of years ago. We were driving in my car with the radio on. I said, Isn't that number great? I'd like to make a record of it. Wel, she laughed as if that was the funniest idea in the world. In a way, I'm grateful to that girl because I made up my mind then and there that I would become a singer.

Being sensitive includes having a little thought for a guy's financial status, too, Ricky goes on. A guy can really get clobbered by a girl who doesn't consider how much money's being spent on a date. Ask the man who knows --some girls think I'm loaded, but until I'm twenty one, I'll get only a $10-a-week allowance. I have a few charge accounts, and once in a while I can put a touch on Dad for something special, but that's just about all.

Ricky's Nelson's favorite dates include the movies, or swimming, or riding, with a stop at a drive-in afterward.

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