Elvis Presley and James Dean
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A Tale Of Two Legends

Jimmy was known for his moods, as he looked for meaning in his life.  Elvis, too --- introspective, searching for fulfillment.

A Tale Of Two Legends   James Dean.  And such a man -- Elvis Presley. 
Both have been a symbol for today's youth.  Jimmy was the personification of youth  struggling to be heard, of young people who were longing to find a place in this world.

      And  Elvis,  too,  is a symbol,  the idol of youth who are struggling to be known in a world of adults, to have their very own and very private world.  Let the adults laugh all they want.  It just proves that this is one thing  they can't have, and one world to which they can't belong.  For once the teenagers are the insiders,  and   Elvis  is the key to that world. 

     Each in his own way represents the spirit of rebellion, the yearning for adventure of the young people of  the restless generation.
But the similarities between the two go further and deeper than that.

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