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The Big Question--will the fans remember Elvis?--received a big "Yes" when Elvis brought back a new zing in his old magic. 

Above:  More sophisticated but still flamboyant, Elvis won't toss out his style "while folks appreciate it."

Upper right:  Life-sized guitar cake was a surprise at his homecoming in Memphis before Elvis headed for Hollywood by private railroad car.

Right:  Dizzy with the demands of his movie schedule and girls eager for dates, Elvis still intends to study acting.

Besides passion for teddy bears and blaring duds, Elvis liked Angelika Zehetbauer.  Romances overseas with Margrit Buergin, then Vera Tchechowa ( above right) were contrived.

First pic, Hal Wallis' Love Me Tender, Paired Elvis with Debra Paget, who claimed:  "Elvis didn't need a double in the love scenes."  Next Elvis made Jailhouse Rock, King Creole.


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