John Saxon  was a "screen" heart trob..    John played a lot of  young leading man roles in the 50's--"This Happy Feeling"(1958); "The Reluctant Debutant"(1958);   The Restless Years"(1959).  The movie magazines splashed his photos on their pages, and he became a "teen" heart trob.
John Saxon was born in Brooklyn on August 5, 1935, the son of Anthony Orrico, a building contractor.  After high school he became a photographer's model, and his photo in a confession magazine brought him a bid from Hollywood.  He made his debut in "Running Wild"(1956) at U-I Studios, and within a couple of years he was  in the teen magazines and "In the groove."!

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John Saxon picture signed by teeny bopper Carolyn
Pic from Carolyns saved 50s teen scrapbook - NOT FOR USE ON OTHER WEB PAGES