Elvis speaks out about the Army & Fans.

Soon after he passed his Army physical, Elvis rented a roller-skating rink for eight nights at $520 to hold the biggest blast ever.  Cheerful then.
But at his local board #86 one morning Elvis confessed his qualms about Army IQ tests.  "If I seem nervous," he confided, "it's because I am." 

March 24th, 1958,
...while girls cross-country sobbed their hearts out, Elvis left for Killeen, then Fort Hood, Texas, for his basic training.  Just months later, he was aboard the U.S.S. General Randall on his way to do  jeep duty in Friedberg, Germany.  If Elvis had any fears about fans forgetting him, his devotees did not.  By hundreds they trudged down to the docks to wave goodbye and sob, "We'll never forget you!" And they didn't.  Nor did Elvis forget his many fans and friends back home. Fearful that they would misunderstand his philandering overseas, he insisted: "When I get home I've got a lot of things to catch up on, including American girls." Discharged at McGuire Air Force Base, Elvis claimed:  "The Army made a man of me.  I was glad for the experience, glad no one can now say that I had it made."
Elvis appeared on ABC's Frank Sinatra's Welcome Home Party, was slated for films "G.I.Blues,"- and picked up just where he left off -- hotter than ever.

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